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Senior en Medior IT- Contract Manager

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4 februari 2011 13:49
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€ 5 tot € 150 p.u.
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Wij zoeken naar een Senior en Medior IT-Contract Manager.

The Department is responsible for the successful management and support of infrastructure systems and services across the region. This covers 24 countries, with a current staff presence in 20 of these. The central hub for is based out of the Netherlands and includes central management and business support functions. The systems and services in scope include global payment systems, processing billions of euro's of payments for major international clients.


The focus in this role on the administration side of contract management. Successful candidates would be the candidates that prefer to do something hands-on themselves instead of delegating to others.
We expect candidates to be able to work independently / on their own though.
Candidates need to have a feeling for data modelling + analyzing in an IT way.

The Contract Management Project:

One of the key functions still requiring a lot of work is Contract Management within the department. Some key issues being faced include:

-Lack of data and management information.
-Poor process organization and ownership.
-Poor alignment of process across the department and poor alignment of system information.

The Contract Management project is aimed at resolving these issues and putting in place an effective and efficient Contract Management function/ process (focusing on Netherlands at first) with the aim to be able to:

-Define and have agreed understanding of an end to end Contract Management process and have this in place for BAU mode.
-Provide accurate and consistent management information for the management of contracts and expenditure.
-Enable tracking and reporting of contract expenditure against budget and other financial reporting.
-Provide a platform of accurate information and end to end process to be able to effectively and consistently review & execute saving opportunities across contracts in order to reduce expenditure.
-Specifically we have a current targets relating to reduction of expenditure which will require some immediate focus.

The activity that project resource will be required to carry out in order to achieve this includes:

-Clean-up and organization of data and contracts into a consistent format and in the correct systems.
-Liaising with other teams and stakeholders to define and agree contract management process and responsibilities.
-Working to provide mechanism for reporting said information in an effective way.
-Specific to current targets for reduced expenditure:
-Reviewing current contracts for saving potential.
-Driving negotiation of contract stopping/price reduction in conjunction with sourcing department.
-Actioning contract wind-up/ renegotiation in conjunction with sourcing department.
-Providing and recording evidence of savings and reporting benefits in an effective way and according to any governance requirements.
-Putting this process in place for BAU mode.

There is a high volume of activity which require work and progress at a considerable pace in order to meet current targets and objectives. Given this, activity will be pressured and will require dedicated, hands on resource.

Must haves:

-Energetic, result-oriented team player while able to work independently, like to work in a cross-cultural environment, self starter.
-Extensive experience working in a large global organization.
-Able to plan and organize work and maintain structure and priorities in an often hectic work-environment.
-Having an investigative mind and perseverance to piece together contractual obligations from often scattered and incomplete sources of information arriving at a documented and fact-based end result. Able to assess obligations towards vendors if no signed contracts exist.
-Expert Excel skills.
-Excellent data analysis and modeling experience, and the ability to present data in an accurate, consistent and effective way.
-Extensive experience building relationships with external vendors, as well as multiple internal departments and key stakeholders.
-Able to quickly read and understand contracts and translate contents to relevant cost components.
-Excellent understanding of contract management process, Purchase-2-Pay processes and accounting organization. Working knowledge of cost accounting, able to discriminate between costs and capital expenditure, matching costs to relevant time intervals and calculate saving benefits.
-Reporting progress on number of contracts reviewed, brought in governance and savings achieved.
Excellent English with a good working knowledge of legal English used in contracts, Fluent Dutch.
-Capacity to work through until end July 2011 with no annual leave.

Advantageous having:

-Experience in working in a financial institution.
-Experience in working in a cross-cultural environment.
-Basic understanding of IT service management process or ITIL.
-Experience with IT-contracts.
-Experience in working with Ariba.

Additional Comments:
-No holidays possible until 01-08-2011!!
-This vacancy is for two positions as contract manager. The difference in the two roles is the level of experience. For the Medior position we are looking for someone with 3 to 5 years experience in a similar position and for the senior role the experience should be 5 years and more. Please indicate in the comments section if candidate is presented for the senior or medior role.
-This role requires a candidate that is strong on the administrative side. As contract manager you will need to review contracts and be able to recognize the essence of the contract and b
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