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Over Puk

Puk is a super cute graphic designer and illustrator from Holland whose unique style and adorable characters have set many a kawaii heart racing. Her work can be seen and enjoyed in everything from magazines to shop fronts and pretty much everything else in between! For over a decade now Puk has been working as a freelancer, drawing and designing for a large range of clients like publishers, shops and design companies. In 2006 and 2007 she won two design contests making a character design and a logo for the City of Amsterdam.

Clients include: Museum of Bags and Purses, Canal Company Amsterdam, Maritime Museum Amsterdam, Stationary Team Europe, City of Amsterdam, YES Magazine, Kinki Hairdressers, Etos and various publishers and design agencies. Four years ago Puk started a collaboration with the Amsterdam Design Label Mingface, creating new characters and designing t-shirts, bags and postcards with animal prints....



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Mascotte Gemeente Amsterdam
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