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Lucas Hartman

Collective of two motion artists based in Rotterdam

Locatie: Rotterdam
Actief sinds: 27-08-2018
Uurtarief: € 50
Profiel bekeken: 71 keer
KvK-nummer: 70171629 informatie



Bonfire Animation

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Bonfire is a collective of two motion artists based in Rotterdam, the Dutch capital of swag. We work together or independently to make 2D and 3D motion graphics that combine character and charm. In other words, if you need a killer animated video like a commercial, explanation, infographic, video clip, opening title sequence, art installation or just a fancy piece to show off on social media and get some likes, we got your back, baby!

Boo Mograph is a killer 2D motion designer and Lucas is the designer of the 3 Dimensions. When working apart, our set of skills allows us to join teams in big and small projects. When together, we combine our powers to create amazing stories, from the concept to the very end, on our own or connecting with other talented creatives.




The Hague's 100 Resilient City

The Hague is one of the 100 resilient cities in the world. Sounds nice, but few people know what a resilient city is and let alone that they know that The Hague is one of them. (The city of Rotterdam is not included) Hence the necessity of giving the municipality of The Hague more awareness.

This problem came to us through the farmers' boys. So we we with script to this animation. The Hague as a character jogging through the dunes of Scheveningen. We saw that for us. With Lucas Hartman we have built and animated the 3D model.

Bart Chabot wanted to use his stem for this "Hague Production". His passionate voice urges the inhabitants of The Hague to participate and participate in making The Hague even more than it already is.

Undermind - 48 Hour Film Project

We are so proud of this video! It's always been a dream to produce a title sequence for a movie and we finally got the opportunity to do it! As part of the 48 hours film project, Boo Mograph joined the "Rendering..." team with the mission of making an entire short film in just 48 hours. Her role in this difficult quest was to conceptualize, design and animate the credits. In the midst of several cups of coffee and a few slices of pizza, Boo Mograph pulled off this beautiful piece mixing vintage illustrations with modern design and subtle but captivating animation.


Gradients, gradients, gradients and a lot of freedom to create! This was a movie that we've developed to show the concepts behind a new app called Orbi. It was a very nice opportunity to explore different colour palettes and try some smooth movements. Looking forward to working with Brokolis again in another overseas project.

Alt Genesis

A personal project, inspired by Ernst Heinrich Phillip August Haeckela. A German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor, marine biologist and artist. The goal of this project was to experiment with different software and develop a pipeline between them.I used ZBrush to sculpted a detailed model, repologized and UV’s it. In Substance Painter I added colour, texture and material attributes. In Maya I created a custom rig for the model and animate the creator. The model, material and animations were brought over into Unreal Engine 4, setup a three-point lights and colour grading. The image sequences was rendered and composed in Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Bonfire is a metaphor for our journey toward the launch of our company. The goals of the animation was for embarrassing our full knowledge of 3D Motion Graphics and combining with the Bonfire Animation aesthetic. The animation is used as a header for the homepage. We choose a minimalistic style so it won't draw too much attention away from the content on the website. Bonfire was a one-man project, also I have to give credit to my partner, she gave me a lot of advice through the process. The whole animation was produced in Houdini, our core software for 3D productions and rendered using Redshift.

Onbrand 2018

Being able to see your work playing on a big screen (5 big screens actually, cof, cof) it's truly amazing! So when the team from Bynder approached us to talk about the opening video for the Onbrand 2018 we couldn't hold the excitement! It was a very good opportunity to combine 2D and 3D animation playing with shapes, patterns and colours in a slightly abstract way. While I (Boo) was having fun with some curves and glows in AE, Lucas Hartman was doing his magic, aka. programming, in Houdini, so we could have those cool blocks and lines moving around in a very satisfying and efficient way. Although It was an intense and challenging project, it went super smooth thanks to the incredible creative team from Bynder. Always good to collaborate with talented people. See you soon!

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