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Senior Business Analist BI

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8 april 2010 23:02
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€ 5 tot € 150 p.u.
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland


Op basis van freelance detachering

Voor onze opdrachtgever zijn wij op zoek naar een Senior Business Analist BI (Referentie nummer 20101017)

Achtergrond-informatie Goals and Strategy of Competence Center Business Intelligence
1. Partner role towards the other departments in identifying and defining IT software solutions: 
• Define improved business development life-cycle together with other stake-holders;clearly position IT business analysts as partners in this process; 
• Define IT architecture vision for meeting internal and demands, get buy-in for this vision and broadly communicate it. 
2. Flexible in meeting customer demands: 
• Assure availability of resources for analysis of new systems, products and services, as well as changes to the existing IT software infra-structure, within the given budgetary and headcount constraints; 
• Assure availability of implementation and test-teams. 
3. Dependable in meeting delivery criteria: on time, according to specifications and within budget: 
• Stabilise the new release policy and cycle; 
• review and if necessary adapt policy to better meet customer demands; 
• closely manage various subcontractors in meeting agreed delivery criteria. 
4. Operate within agreed departmental budget, conforming to initiated budget cuts: 
• Close monitoring of all costs through SAP PS and use of SAP purchase ordering; 
• Allow 0% increase in consultancy-rates;phase out consultants not meeting that year’s agreed rate tables. 
Support IT operations to assure continuity of the business. 

Overall purpose of position
• Functional, technical and business analysis (For senior BA: and supervision) within development projects having an impact on the IT infrastructure; 
• Implementation and functional and technical supervision of smaller development projects having an impact on the IT infrastructure; 
• Functional and technical supervision of bigger development projects having an impact on the IT infrastructure; 
• Advisory position and delivery of impact scans for internal clients (Product Development, Marketing, NT, Customer Service) within product development and projects for the optimising of the existing infrastructure.; 
• Advising internal clients on the use and possibilities of the existing IT systems; 
• (For Senior BA) Supervision and coaching of internal and external consultants en vendors (T-Systems, SchumbergerSema, etc); 
• 3rd/4th line point of contact for operational problems.

Key results/output of Position
• On demand IT business and impact analysis for new marketing PD initiatives. 
• Regular on demand business and impact analysis with respect to upgrades, enhancements and add-ons of existing IT systems 
• On demand assistance to IT Operations in case of operational issues. 

Financial responsibility No formal budget or signing authority 
• Financial estimates of IT related impact for change requests and business cases; 
• Evaluation and approval of supplier proposals. 
Management responsibility No formal line-management role: 
• (For senior BA:) Assist and guide junior business analysts, designers, software developers and testers in their tasks. 

Decision making authority Excluded are decisions within competence of the department (ie recruiting staff, consultants, contracts with suppliers, allocating internal budgets, use of development tools, way of documenting, version management, etc. etc.). Questions is interpreted as decision making that affects other departments. 
- What decisions can be made by the incumbent? 
- With whom do these decisions have to be agreed, if necessary? How often? 
- What areas are affected by the decisions? 
- What are the boundaries of the decision-making authority? - Acceptance or rejection of individual change requests. 
- Weekly change board meetings, with stakeholders from all departments. 

- All areas that require IT support. 
- Change requests can be rejected, requester can escalate to IS management, project forum, KOP or Exco. 

Customer Orientation (internal/ external) All departments. Contacts are maintained to understand needs of other departments, to guide decision making process. Contacts are sometimes informal, sometimes institutionalised through (bi-)weekly meetings. Currently no external customers have been identified;some contacts with . Regular contacts exist with 
• Vice president IS; 
• Product Managers in Marketing PD; 
• Technical Analyst within NT; 
• Revenue assurance, Credit Risk process owners; 
• Process managers in various departments. 
Qualifications, experience and expertise What technical key competencies / skills are needed for this position? (Most important first). 
• Good (For senior BA: Intimate) knowledge (you've done it yourself!) of full development life-cycle of a software product, from business requirements to functional design, technical design, programming, testing, operational hand-over, operational maintenance and support to final product phase-out; 
• The ability to bridge the gap between non-technical customers and the software developers, through excellent communication skills and intimate knowledge of the mobile operator business; 
• Th
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